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Fun, exclusive, and sensory friendly space for autism families.

Siblings and friends are strongly encouraged to join us!

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Founder and CEO, Jenay Smith

After the loss of my mother in 2022, I became the guardian of my two siblings, all while already being a stay-at-home mother to my two children, who are both on the Autism Spectrum. I wanted to take them all somewhere enjoyable without the concern of one of my children experiencing sensory overload and/or feeling embarrassed by the results. So, I decided to create a fun and exclusive space for families like ours! Siblings of special needs children also need to know that it isn’t just their family that sometimes feels isolated. Seeing the joy and relief on families' faces knowing they feel safe to be themselves, inspired me so much. I reached out to local businesses and community organisations to collaborate on creating more sensory-friendly spaces in our town.

Sensory Friendly Play Events

We offer a judgement-free space that allows families with children on the spectrum to be themselves, while having fun, engaging and interacting with other’s going through similar milestones.

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Glow Calming Space

Glow Calming Space

Large Crash Pads

Large Crash Pads

Delaware parks

Delaware parks

Tailored specifically for autism

Tailored specifically for autism

Get Involved?

We're on a mission to sprinkle joy and laughter all around! If you're up for adding a dash of magic to our events, whether you're a pro at setting up or love to lend a hand wherever needed, we've got a spot just for you! Come be a part of this enchanting journey - reach out through email and join us for some fun!

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Your generous support will help us to elevate our family events & will support our expansion throughout Delaware.

Client Testimonials

Neishaliz c.

Amazing founder, loved everything about it and how my son enjoyed his time.


They understand the unique needs and challenges that come with being neurodivergent!

They are filling a gap for Kent County families because they are the only local business to provide a safe and sensory friendly play and exploration environment for children with Autism!

Nasia .

Felt so comfortable & so did my children! We live about an hour and a half away from the events but we plan to attend as many times as we can! There were sensory toys available, dimmed lightening, parents that understood, etc. I highly recommend!!

Gayle G.

I'm very happy to see you taking the steps to make your dream come true and more importantly providing these opportunities for the children and their families. We need more people like you!

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We Can Be Reached At :

We look forward to having a magical time with you and your family soon!